12.03 A Visual Discovery of the 14 Amendment: Rights and Wrongs

News Article: A Visual Discovery of the 14 Amendment: Rights and Wrongs 

It is time to wrap up this edition of US History, AP with a final article on the 14th amendment. For this assessment, you will conduct historical analysis using the images provided.  Choose one image from EACH (bold) century to compose a 4-6 paragraph news article in response to the following prompt:


Trace how the rights and limitations of the 14th amendment have been portrayed via images in EACH of the following centuries:




Be sure that you are showing the connection of the change over time by including specific historical factual information in your essay in addition to your analysis of the documents provided.
It is expected you will use information from the lesson and AP textbook, as well as other outside sources.

Please contact your instructor if you have any questions concerning this assignment.

Please view the Grading Rubric before beginning the assignment.